The Helper

On the 31st of May, we celebrated Pentecost. As born-again Christians, the Holy Spirit resides constantly within us and is in close fellowship with us. When we are baptized with the Holy Spirit, God’s power is working through us. There are so many additional aspects of the Holy Spirit, such as His fruits and gifts. These are facets we might explore in upcoming weeks. Today, I want to emphasize the role of the Holy Spirit as the Helper. The Greek word used in this context is paraklētos, meaning The One called alongside us, to provide aid.

I remember one night at a worship service, I really needed God’s comfort and reassurance. The Holy Spirit reminded me of His name as Helper or Comforter. I realized that I already had all I needed and was comforted by His words and presence. We sometimes forget that God is ever-present in our lives through the Holy Spirit. We need to reopen our spiritual eyes and ears to the Holy Spirit and acknowledge Him in all areas of our lives.

With the remembrance of Pentecost, I write this post as a declaration of gratitude for all the Holy Spirit does for us as Helper. I know you can also testify of His faithfulness.

This is just but a glimpse of all He does and I hope to unpack more of it in the future. May the scriptures quoted quicken your soul and encourage your heart to know that you are never alone. May it also prompt you to explore and study more scripture on how the Holy Spirit provides the help you need. The Holy Spirit is in you, beside you and around you, my friend.

The extended meaning of the Holy Spirit as our Helper in John 14 – 16, is that He is our Intercessor, Comforter, Counselor, Strengthener, Teacher, Standby, and Advocate.

Even if you are experiencing challenges so severe, you don’t know what to pray, the Word promises in Romans 8 that the Holy Spirit will help you in your weakness. Furthermore, He is your Intercessor, that intercedes on your behalf to pray according to God’s will. Remember how powerful praying in tongues can be. I believe that the Holy Spirit also prompts us when we need to intercede in prayer for other believers.

The Holy Spirit is also called Comforter. In Acts 9, we read that the early church enjoyed the comfort and encouragement from the Holy Spirit. Do you need comfort today? God’s presence through the Holy Spirit can be a true comfort to you when there is no one to console you. The Holy Spirit comforts us through all our sorrows, fears, and disappointments.

He is the Counselor Who leads us on the right path. He points us to the right decision in accordance with God’s will and purposes. When we follow the Holy Spirit’s voice of guidance, He gives us peace and assurance to be with us every step of the way.

The Word also promises that the Holy Spirit is our Strengthener. This is a divine strength that helps us to endure and persevere through trials and persecutions for the glory of God and His kingdom. The Holy Spirit strengthens our faith, helping us develop into mature Christians.

The Holy Spirit is our Teacher. He teaches us new things and also helps us to remember God’s Word and the truth. It is wonderful to know that the Holy Spirit makes us attentive to God’s Word and transforms the written Word, into revelation Word. The Holy Spirit helps us to recall God’s Word when we need it. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we can apply the Word, and not just read it.

The Holy Spirit is our Standby or our help in time of need. He promises to always be by our side, through all we face or go through. He does not take a break or sleeps but is always readily available to provide assistance.

The Holy Spirit is our Advocate and witness. He testifies to our spirits about Jesus and all He is doing. He confirms our salvation and our position as a daughter of God. We are part of God’s family and have been sealed by the Holy Spirit as His own.

Lord, I pray that we will be more aware of the working of the Holy Spirit as our Helper. Please open our spiritual eyes and ears to Your voice, prompting, direction, and warning. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who is always with us and by our side. May we become more like You every day because of Your guidance and help. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Stay resolute my friend.


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