Always near

I have never attempted to write poetry. Below are words that were laid on my heart as I was talking to God about the season we are in. He reminded me of His faithfulness and ever-present presence through all we could ever face in life. The undeniable truth that resonated in my heart, was that God will never leave nor forsake us. Even when things take time to change or we do not understand the “Why?”.

If you are struggling with the question “Why Lord?”, remember WHO is in your boat with you. We may never know the why, make sense of it all, or understand the whole purpose, but we can be sure of Him and trust He is with us and has our best interest at heart.

I pray you find hope and encouragement in my humble attempt at a poem. Stay resolute my friend.

In it with me

A Psalm of faith by Talita Kelderman

Looking at the storms and waves, I wonder where You are. I’m reminded You are the God who saves, You are near, and never far.

Closer than a whisper, You are with me in the midst. When I advert my eyes from the chaos, and focus on You first.

I realise you are in this with me, in this boat called Life. You are part of every detail, I do not have to strive.

You never leave me nor forsake me, I am always in Your hands. Believing You will care for me – You have good and perfect plans.

Should I go through trial and suffering, You promise to be there. Walking in the fire of calamity, laying my SELF bare.

Purify my heart, O Lord. Make me more like You. I leave this dirt and taint behind, and look to only You.

In an instant you can calm the waves, and call the storms to cease. Still, I trust your timing, Your way, it’s You I aim to please.

You promise to sustain me and make me stronger yet. By Your grace and endless love You have never failed me yet.

All You ask is trust in You, and faith through all the trial. I know that good will come from this, although it be a while.

I only need to seek Your face and evade my heart from sin. In your presence I find the truth and peace that comes from deep within.

You are my strong fortress, my rock, and my solid ground. There shall be a great victory and joyous shouts around,

When I come through this wilderness, and find all I have gained. May glory and praise be Yours forever, as only You remain.


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