Is God enough?

If we ask ourselves this question, we must first ask ourselves what enough is. Enough is defined as sufficient, adequate, ample, or as much or as many as required.

Let’s think about a situation such as planning a weekend getaway for your family. We all have non-negotiable amenities or criteria we require to have an enjoyable and satisfying weekend. They are different for every family. Some would only need the bush and a tent. Others require hot water and electricity. Others uncapped WIFI and 24-hour room service.

Enough is a relative term. It is different from individual to individual. Some things will never be enough for some people. They will never have enough money or enough power or enough status or enough attention.

Enough speaks to our souls, our inner man, to the core of our being. When we do not fill that inner space with God, we will always experience a sense of lack.

When we honestly evaluate our lives, do we feel as if we have enough? It is only in situations where we experience a sudden loss that we look with new eyes at what enough means. I think a lot of us have reevaluated what necessities are during these Covid times. But necessity is different from enough. Necessity points at just scraping by, while enough points to fullness and completeness. We can search for having enough that will never be satisfied. Or we can have enough that fills those parts of our souls and lives with what matters. It moves our focus from what we think we need to what we will have for eternity. It requires an inward shift of our spirits to God as being enough.

Are you at the end of your rope? Now is the time to realize and decide that God is, and will always be, enough. Not only enough but more than enough, as the Hillsong Worship song echoes. So, hence the question: Is God truly enough for you?

As Christians, we can focus solely on God’s blessings, gifts, or His assistance. We focus on what we can receive from God to have enough. When we are facing desperate situations, this is often the case. We complain to God and think it unfair to go through trying times. It is not wrong to pray and ask God for help. Still, I want to challenge you with this question: Will God be enough if you never received a blessing, gift, or helping hand out of trouble? It is a matter of searching your heart.

Can you come to a place where His presence is enough, without the added benefits or blessings of being His child?

Many believers lose focus. They know God and love to serve Him. Unfortunately, we can all fall into the trap of pursuing all the things associated with the Christian life but neglect the source of it all. God first, then His kingdom. When He does not give you what you pray or trust for, will He still be enough for you? If you lose your gifts, ministry, influence, will He still be enough?

I think we can easily focus on God’s blessings and what He can do for us when we are in a challenging season. It is especially true when we have been in that difficult season for a long time. We cling to any sign of change or help. We read the Word looking for answers, signs, or promises, but not to discover God Himself. It is not wrong to read to gain understanding, but we can get so consumed with all the knowledge that we forget the person of God and that relationship. This is such a natural response, and we all do it. It is like when you visit your parents’ house only to ask for money and never to have a conversation or quality time with them.

In your current season, where you might experience lack or abundance, is God enough? Are you making Him the center and focus of your life? Should your circumstances change suddenly, will He remain enough? Without that answer, we can never be satisfied and whole no matter the time or season.

I want to encourage you to take the time to search your heart. Invite the Holy Spirit to speak and convict you where necessary. Like Job, who lost everything, will God be enough for you also? Is He enough for you now? God created us so we could serve and worship Him. Take time to connect with God.

Spend time in prayer just honoring, glorifying, and praising Him. No requests, no questions, and no petitions of what you might need or want. Just be with Him, in His presence, and let Him be more than enough for you.

Stay resolute my friend.



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