Testimony of God’s protection

The post for this week was all written, with just a bit of language editing needed, but God had something different in mind.

My husband, myself, and my two-year-old were on our way home from my inlaws’ place tonight. It was after 20:00, and I was driving. We were approaching the on-ramp to get onto the highway or interstate. Just before, a car cut-in in front of us. I thought that they just nearly missed the entry into the hairpin turn.

At that moment, the Holy Spirit started a thinking process. Hijackers sometimes use tactics on the highway to box you in. One car cuts-in in front of you while another car sits on your tail. While the one in front breaks to slow you down, the one behind you comes close and bumps your rear. This tactic is used to make you panic and lose control. When hijacked, your car and belongings get stolen. Some hijackers do worse and kill the vehicle’s occupants. I began asking myself how I would act in such a situation. I thought it best not to slow down but just try and speed past, even if it meant damage to your car.

This thought process only lasted a split second before the car in front suddenly stopped sideways, trying to block our path in the hairpin turn towards the highway. I immediately knew that the people in front were attempting to hijack us.

I never took my foot off the accelerator. I realized that I had to accelerate and speed by them as quickly as I could. A man, maybe two, jumped out of the car in front of my path, trying to stop us. I just accelerated more, aiming to pass them. I decided that even if I had to damage the car on the side of the barrier, that I will not break or stop. It felt like I was going around a race track. I didn’t look if they had any weapons or guns but just put my foot down on the pedal. The hijacker in front of me dove out of the way, and another one tried to break a passenger window by throwing either a rock or brick against it. I just drove faster until we were past them, on the highway and some distance away.

Wow! How amazing is our God? I praise Him for protecting my family tonight. I give Him glory for the fact that my little girl was unaware of anything that occurred tonight. I thank Him for warning and speaking to me through the Holy Spirit. He prepared my mind in that millisecond before on how to act and to stay calm through the process. I thank God for keeping my mind clear. I am grateful that God and His angels assisted me to drove past without sustaining damage or causing an accident. I thank God for my car. I thank God that my car did not sustain any damage. I thank and praise God that we did not suffer any emotional or physical trauma.

This could have been a tragedy, but God intervened. He protected us. He was with us. He remains faithful. All glory to Him!

I just had to share this and hope that you can find encouragement that as a child of God, His hand is upon you. He is faithful and true to His word. He is our shield, our refuge, our hope, and our protection. If we can trust Him with our protection, how much more can we trust Him for all our other needs? He cares for us, loves us, guides us, and nothing can stand in the way of what God has planned for us.

Stay resolute my friend.


4 thoughts on “Testimony of God’s protection”

  1. Praise God, He is a faithful father indeed 🙌🏿, we give Him all the glory and great full that you are all fine, I received a notification of your email just right after I said a prayer and it came at the right time thank you for sharing 💗🙏🏿


  2. You are an inspiration to me. Your gift of language and spiritual story telling is awe inspiring. It reminds me to keep quiet an listen to the whisper of the Holy Spirit. To always give praise within the storm.


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