16 promises from Psalm 91

Psalm 91 is a chapter in the Bible that has been a passage of hope and faith for many Christians in this season. There are beautiful and powerful promises for the children of God written in each verse.

These promises are conditional, and specifically for all who trust in the Lord, love Him, follow Him in obedience and live in close fellowship with Him. It is only for those who habitually seek God’s presence. This psalm is full of metaphors and images that explain the safety, security, and protection promised to those who trust in God.

The psalmist frequently uses either ’I will’ or ’I shall’ to indicate a promise. In English, the phrases ’I will’ or ’I shall’ are the strongest expressions of commitment one can make. English subsequently does not have the correct terminology to translate the true meaning from the original text. The phrase should read in English when translated literally from Hebrew: ’If I don’t have it, I will make it for you.’ Isn’t it wonderful to know just how much God is committed to us, to His Word, and to see His promises fulfilled? He WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN BECAUSE HE IS ABLE TO AND WANTS TO.

Let us take a closer look at all God’s promises for His children who abide in Him. May it encourage you to seek a deeper relationship with Him. Furthermore, believe in the peace and security He promises, and see it come to pass in your own life. Never be afraid again!

God promises rest and protection. We can rest in the assurance that God cares for us and that He protects us. He is with us always, shielding us from all harm.

God is our refuge and fortress. He is our security. He is eternal and the One constant Who never changes or fails us. Though people may disappoint, abandon, and betray us, He remains steadfast. Though circumstances change constantly, He remains the place we can turn to for safety. He is our hiding place. He remains the same, yesterday and tomorrow. We can count on Him and trust Him wholeheartedly to keep His word. He is always reliable.

He will save us from every trap set by the enemy. Paul writes in Ephesians 6 that the enemy schemes against us. Schemes are hidden or unknown to the intended victim. But, God hears and sees all. He never sleeps. He promises to rescue us from every scheme from the enemy. Satan will not succeed. God is not caught off-guard but intervenes and saves us. God is involved in all aspects of our lives, and we will never fall victim to Satan’s traps. How often do you think God has saved you from evil plans from the enemy unbeknownst to you?

He will save us from any false accusations. God will vindicate you from lies spread by the enemy through people. He will protect you from negative words proclaimed over you, meant to harm, and defile your reputation.

He will protect you from any deadly curse. God promises to all who abide in Him that they will not succumb to any plague or pandemic. This is a powerful promise for these current times.

We are completely protected, and His faithfulness is a shield. We rely by faith on God’s power and providence. We put our trust solely in Him and no other earthly entity or security. Like a hen would cover her chicks with her feathers and wings, God more so, protects us in a loving and comforting way.

He protects us from everything. Everything includes all things intended to harm us during the day or night, all evil spirits, demonic forces, and sickness. None of these onslaughts will succeed. We can easily worry about awful things that can possibly happen to us, but we should rest and trust in the Lord’s protection. We can have peace that God holds us safe and remains in control. Do not fear.

We will remain unharmed. Even though thousands may die around us due to disease or war, we will remain standing. No danger will come near us. Even though the world may be experiencing great loss and chaos, we will endure.

We will only witness the judgment of the wicked. Evil people will receive the punishment they deserve. We will witness the judgment of their actions but not be a part of it. Once again, this is a promise for those who love God and have a very close and intimate relationship with Him. We will enjoy the promise of salvation and the rewards of eternity.

God commands his angels to protect, defend, and guard us. When we remain in obedience to God and His service, we have access to this promise of protection. God sends His angels to protect us from any spiritual or physical attack. They keep us from harm. They protect us from the hidden evil. They fight those battles in the spiritual realm and stand guard around us. A multitude of angels was on Elisha’s side. We also have a heavenly army fighting for us. We do not have to fear anything.

We have authority over the enemy and all his attacks. Through our position in Christ we have victory over the enemy, evil principalities, and their schemes. The enemy is under our feet. He has been defeated and disarmed by Jesus and cannot prevail. When we understand our authority in Christ, we can live with confidence, and power, over all fear.

God will answer us when we call for help. God’s ear is inclined to the righteous, and He responds to our prayers. We can boldly approach our Heavenly Father with any need or trouble. God always listens and responds. We can ask God for help because we know Him. His name is powerful and above all other names. All things, good and evil, must bow to His name and acknowledge Him as Lord.

He will be with us in times of trouble. God promises that when we pray to Him, He will be our help and surround us with His presence. God will never abandon us in our time of trouble. Even though our afflictions may not cease immediately, God promises that His grace is sufficient. He will never leave nor forsake us. People might leave and abandon us when trouble arises, but God is always by our side.

He will honor us. We shall enjoy a special place near God. A place on high where problems and circumstances cannot touch us. He promises to lift us up when people or circumstances push us down. We will receive our eternal reward and the delight of our Lord.

We will enjoy a long life. God promises to lengthen our years and give us a full life. We will not fear death, knowing that when our time comes, we will go to be with our Heavenly Father.

We will enjoy His salvation. We have eternity to look forward to. We will enjoy all the glory and splendor of God Himself in heaven.

Which one of these promises do you need to speak over your life today? Draw close to God, cultivate your relationship with Him by abiding in Him. Stand on the truth of His Word and see His promises manifest. God will not disappoint or fail you. Make Psalm 91 a prominent truth you can meditate on daily.

Stay resolute my friend.



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